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Michelle Kwan Tells Southeast Student To Aim High

Southeast Missouri State University

History’s most decorated figure skater Michelle Kwan visited Southeast Missouri State University yesterday with a speech aimed to inspire young people to greatness.

In her speech entitled “Aspiring to Greatness,” Kwan reached out to the Show Me Center audience to encourage them to try their hardest and never fear failure.

In a press conference before the event, Kwan shared what she hoped to achieve with her visit to Southeast.

“In four years, they’ll be job searching,” Kwan said. “And words of encouragement, and telling them to aim high as well, that’s what I hopefully can shed some light and inspire them.”

Kwan reiterated this in her speech. She said being prepared is the best chance for finding success. She believes one should strive to achieve goals, do their best, and do what they love.

Kwan shared some of her background and current standing. She said what she enjoys most is meeting people.

“To me it’s always the most interesting places that I’ve traveled to, it’s usually who I’ve met at those places. So especially for me, at this trip,” Kwan said.

In her speech, she shared the story of how she began, and the way her figure skating shaped her life. She ended by saying that you should try your hardest, do what you love, and do not fear failure.

Michelle Kwan visited Southeast Missouri State University as part of the Southeast Speakers Series. This semester’s final speaker will be Jeff Corwin on April 10.

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