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Cape Girardeau School Board Keeps Blue Jeans


The Cape Girardeau School Board decided to keep blue jeans as a viable option in their dress code at Monday night’s board meeting.

Other articles of clothing were discussed, mostly a small controversy around jackets, but the biggest issue of the evening was whether or not to allow blue jeans in high school.

Teachers feel it’s too difficult to police the different styles of jeans, so they hoped to ban them. They would prefer to see students wear khakis, and believe that would lessen the need to constantly keep an eye out for inappropriate clothing.

Board member Don Call wasn’t pleased with the full decision, but thought they were on the right track.

“I think the ones that they ended up passing are pretty good ones,” Call said. “I abstained because they didn’t have the no blue jean policy in there.”

Call’s hoped to ban blue jeans to settle the issues.

“I think we have a problem when we ask teachers and administrators to present us with changes to make the school better in their opinion, and then we don’t follow them. And we didn’t follow them again tonight, and we didn’t follow them last year,” Call said.

Call is concerned that a request to ban blue jeans has been ignored twice. This, he says, could lead to contention between school employees and the board.

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