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Better Business Bureau Warns Homeowners Of Door-To-Door Security System Salespeople

Whitney Quick/BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says your home security system could be luring in door-to-door salespeople.

Recent scam reports say salespeople representing an alarm company may see the home security sign in your yard, and attempt to switch you to a new company.

Whitney Quick, regional director of the BBB, says homeowners subjected to these scams are told that something is wrong with their security system, or that something needs to be replaced.

“When they hear that, they go ahead and go with whatever the person is telling them. And, next thing you know, they have them signed up under a new company,” says Quick.

But, not only are they under a new company, they now have to foot two different security system bills, and the scammer makes money on the commission of the sale. And, there was probably nothing wrong with their system to begin with.

Homeowners have reported scammers to claim many issues with their system, including presenting a fire hazard, or issues with the keypad. If you do have concerns regarding your security system, BBB advises you to call your company to verify these issues before taking any action.

“Don’t give into a high-pressure sales pitch; a reputable company will allow you time to make an informed decision,” says Quick.

As with any door-to-door encounter, BBB says a general rule of thumb is to request to see a copy of the salesperson’s special soliciting permit. And, if you do choose to buy what they’re selling, put it on a credit card.

“That way, if there are any issues, your credit card company can challenge that for you,” says Quick.

To check a business profile, or to report a business, visit: www.bbb.com.