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Senator Blunt Blames Federal Mental Health Programs For Violence

Dan Verbeck

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt says badly administered mental health programs should be fixed rather than blame guns for violence like the Connecticut school killings.

The Missouri Republican blames the federal government  for  helping shut down some state mental programs.

Blunt was in Kansas City volunteering as a Salvation Army bell ringer. The sounds were a contrast to the grim topic he was asked about.

Blunt said in an interview that federal funds have been handed to some communities in states that move people from mental institutions, where federal dollars were used to help them, “and put them back into the community without much monitoring whether people are ready to be in the community or not.”

The Senator said gun control will bring no peaceful harvest and stands no chance of passage in Congress.

Blunt said he would not favor any legislation that would restrict Second Amendment rights.

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