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Exposition: Fueled By A Solid Audience, Cape Comic Con’s Ken Murphy Explores “New Layers” Of Fandom

Cape Comic Con

Cape Comic Con will celebrate 15 years in the community next April. This year, they expanded the operation by adding an inaugural anime event and another, horror-themed convention. 

The latter, titled “Fear Con,” took place just two weekends ago, with nearly 400 costumed attendees filtering through the Osage Center. 

Con director Ken Murphy says such large attendance at previous events has allowed him to branch off into these single-genre conventions and, by watching calendars and landscapes, says we have a strong local interest. 

“We would much rather bring people to our town and have those who live in our area come to our events, rather than feel like they’d have to go to Alaska or Indianapolis, or even St. Louis or Memphis for that matter,” says Murphy. “Those are great shows. They've been around awhile and they're well attended.”

There’s only one thing Murphy wants to add: Cape Championship Wrestling.

“I would like to create a two-day event designed just for fans of professional wrestling,” says Murphy. “That would be two nights of live matches and two days of fan gatherings, booth space exhibitors, and wrestlers from around the country.”

Murphy has a date set for the next Cape Comic Con in April, and is expecting to hold the Fear and Anime Cons again in Fall 2020.



Credit Lindsey Grojean

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