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“Haunted Images” Open At Arts Council

Tom Halstead

A photo gala dedicated to the memory of noted paranormal photographer Tom Halstead was put on display Friday night at the Art Council of Southeast Missouri. His featured works were taken from areas all around Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky.

The president of the Paranormal Task Force, Greg Myers, experienced many spine tingling investigations with Tom. Greg said Tom was a skeptic before he became involved with the supernatural.

Halstead’s introduction began with a simple renovation of a water heater, while taking a before and after picture. 

“He looked later at his after pictures but saw this thing on the back wall of the water heater, and he realized it was unexplainable, it looked like an image of a doctor. And that was when his skepticism turn into more of a curiosity of seeking out the paranormal and understanding it better,” Halstead said.

Halstead passed away earlier this year and the exhibit “Haunted Images” is dedicated to his memory. The vice president of PTF, Sandra Oates, recalled an investigation she went on with Tom.

“When we got in the building that was when we heard the motion detectors going off so we went down there and I can remember Tom going ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What is this?!’ you know he is all excited," Oates said. "I have an audiotape that I have kept to this day cause we’re going ‘There’s a head, there’s arms, there’s legs!!!’.”

The display contains many images of apparitions, ghosts, and orbs. They come from a wide array of locations, like a truck stop in Villa Ridge, Missouri to Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Tom’s team members admit he had a way with seeking out the paranormal, almost a ghostly gift. His haunted images will be on display until October 26th.

Joshua Peters was a student reporter writing for KRCU in 2013.