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Cape Girardeau Water Main Break Repaired; 'Boil Water Advisory' Lifted; City Water Tested and Clean

Cape Girardeau Boil Water Notice: Affected Area on Oct. 3rd
City of Cape Girardeau
Cape Girardeau Boil Water Notice: Affected Area on Oct. 3rd

After four days of water precautions from a water main break, life should seem more normal now after a time of 'boil water advisories', water conservation efforts, as well as community water distribution sites for Cape Girardeau water customers.

On Friday afternoon, City officials announced that the water supply was tested in locations throughout Cape, deemed safe to drink, and the 'boil water advisory' was lifted for water customers.

The City of Cape stated that it is not necessary to flush pipes or appliances, since contamination was not detected. But, if someone wants to flush pipes as an extra precaution, a few minutes of running all household water would be adequate.

After clean water sample results were received Friday afternoon, it was the last condition required to bring an end to the city-wide boil advisory issued earlier this week. Over two days, a total of 40 samples were collected from representative locations across the city. The process was overseen by Missouri Department of Natural Resources representatives who collected an additional 12 samples for a total of 52 tests—all of which indicated that Cape Girardeau’s water is safe for consumption.

Late Monday evening, on Oct. 3rd, the City of Cape Girardeau issued a 'boil water advisory'. The precaution was given after a water main break was reported, and low water pressure was detected by officials throughout the city.

Late Wednesday morning, Oct. 5th, Southeast Missouri State University announced that campuses would reopen. Classes were held during regular operating hours Thurs. Oct. 6th.

At noon on Oct. 4th, the City of Cape Girardeau held a live press conference addressing the water main break and restoration efforts. City Manager Kenny Haskin praised the work of crews who worked through the night and afternoon to restore service to Cape Girardeau water customers.

Haskin stated that he appreciated the support that was provided to Cape Public Works crews, as well as businesses that are providing bottled water and other supplies to employees and residents.

The City of Cape Girardeau also encourages water conservation while the system is fully restored to normal service.

Late Monday night, Southeast Missouri State University also announced that campuses would be closed and classes canceled Tuesday, Oct. 4 due to a potential city-wide water outage in Cape Girardeau. The closure includes the main campus, River Campus, regional campuses, and all other University-affiliated facilities.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, the City of Cape Girardeau issued an update stating that after a significant water main break, the system began to lose pressure resulting in a boil water advisory to 14,000 customers. Later in the evening, the advisory was extended to all Cape Girardeau water customers.

An announcement on the city's site also stated that due to low pressure, the water plant had been shut down and Cape customers could lose water by Tuesday morning, Oct. 4th.

All customers on the City of Cape Girardeau water system were also advised to limit water usage.

According to an updated statement from the City of Cape around 4 a.m. Tuesday, the break Monday evening was from a 14-inch water main buried 7 feet underground, and crews were working to repair it, which was estimated to take several hours.

Late Tuesday morning, Southeast Missouri State announced that all University campuses would be closed and would be canceled Wed. Oct. 5th, due to the city-wide water outage in Cape Girardeau. The closure included the main campus, River Campus, regional campuses, and all other University-affiliated facilities. Events scheduled on campus were also canceled.

The boil water advisory will remain in effect for all customers in the affected area even after pressure is restored until the water can be tested and verified safe. Cape officials continued to advise the use of bottled water or tap water that has been boiled and cooled before consumption.

The latest updates are being provided on the City of Cape website.