Missouri Department of Public Safety

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol has released results from their annual school bus inspection program for the 2017-2018 school year.

Across the state, over 12 thousand school buses were inspected twice within the past year. Buses with no defective items found receive an “approved” rating, those found with defective items that do not constitute an immediate danger receive a “defective” rating, and those posing immediate danger are taken out of service. Of all the inspected buses, 90.6% received an “approval” rating by inspection personnel.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Daylight saving time began Sunday, and in addition to setting your clocks forward, did you also check your smoke alarms? The Missouri Department of Public Safety, Fire Division says the time changes in fall and spring serve as great reminders to replace batteries, make sure detectors still work, and install more detectors around the house.

State Fire Marshal Jim Bean says although 9-volt batteries usually last longer than the 6-month period between clock resets, a simple check could save your life.

Gov. Jay Nixon's office confirmed late Wednesday that former St. Louis Police Chief Daniel Isom was stepping down from his new job as director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Nixon chose Isom last fall, amid the unrest in Ferguson. The former chief was only confirmed in January. Isom's decision to step down touched off unrest in the state Capitol, with allies blaming the governor for Isom's swift exit.