Hope Children’s Home Announces Temporary Suspension In Facility Operations, Plans For Future Change

Jul 3, 2018

Credit Crissy Mayberry

The non-profit foster care organization, Hope Children's Home has announced a temporary suspension in their facility’s operations. The suspension comes as a way for the home to refocus their attention on their original purpose as an emergency placement shelter for foster children in the area after years of shifting away from this purpose.

Crissy Mayberry, executive director of Hope for One More, the parent organization of the Children's Home, says there’s never a good time to make changes such as these, but change is necessary for growth.

“Our organization has been able to grow,” says Mayberry. “And as we’ve grown, this is part of the step to ensure we’re serving the greatest amount of children.”

Mayberry says the home only provided the facility and the support services, and the only significant change is the lack of emergency foster care provided on-location at Hope Children’s Home until relaunching, and all other programs will be fully functioning.

In a press release, Hope for One More states the foster parent relationship is up to the house parents and children:

“When the house parents relocate, potentially some or all of the children could stay with them. It is unlikely all of the children would remain with the house parents because of the physical space needs that Missouri Children’s Division requires. Children not staying with the house parents will be placed with other foster care providers.”

They will still utilize volunteers for activities such as their after-school program and outdoor movie night. The only event canceled due to the suspension is their annual Parent’s Night Out.

According to Mayberry, they do not have a set date for when they plan to reopen operations.

“We’re going to do everything possible to get things back in place to be sure this close is temporary and doesn’t last long,” says Mayberry.

Through this suspension period, they hope to open with enhanced services after the first of the year in 2019, and possibly create a model to replicate for additional homes in the future.