Cape Chamber Partnership with Old Town Cape Brings Success

Jun 10, 2018

For almost two decades we have enjoyed a successful partnership resulting in very tangible results.

Old Town Cape was established in 1999 and the Cape Chamber was at the table helping to get things organized. OTC is an accredited Main Street Program for downtown revitalization based on the four point approach of promotion, design, economic vitality, and organization. Certainly Old Town Cape has thrived in the last several years under the leadership of Director Marla Mills.

Representatives from the Chamber, the City of Cape, the University, and OTC meet at least quarterly as a downtown development team. We work on infrastructure, planning, and economic development issues. Just this year, the city completed an update of the Downtown Strategic Plan in partnership with many local groups and interested individuals. The plan is not a blueprint, but does offer ideas and guidance on future development.

Downtown Cape has experienced a revitalization not seen for quite some time. The new Marquette Tech District has facilitated an entrepreneurial culture resulting in excitement for both living and working downtown. Both the Chamber and OTC are located in the old Marquette Hotel and attached Carriage House. This allows for frequent interaction directly strengthening the partnership.

The establishment of a Tax Increment Financing District has led to renewed interest in redevelopment downtown and the possibility of a project at the old Esquire Theater has everyone excited. The Chamber/OTC partnership is alive and well!