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  A bill restricting access to most abortions in the state is making its way through the Senate after being passed in the House in February.

At an emotional and sometimes contentious Senate hearing Wednesday, opponents of the bill argued that, among other things, the bill doesn’t provide exceptions in cases of rape.

Representative Nick Schroer is the bill’s sponsor, and says he discussed that exception with colleagues but decided against including it in the bill.

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Businesses that are contracted with the state of Missouri may soon be prohibited from boycotting Israel if a House bill, which was discussed on Tuesday, makes it to the Governor’s desk.

A similar bill was introduced last year under the Greitens administration and has been enacted into law in 24 other states, according to the bill’s sponsor. Under the bill, any business that is awarded a contract to work with the state would not be allowed to boycott Israel.

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Filing a ballot initiative in Missouri could cost you.

A House elections committee had its final work session on a bill about ballot initiative petitions Monday afternoon. The committee decided on a $350 filing fee for initiatives with another fee of $25 per page after 10 pages, and those filing will have to use a standardized form.

Trish Vincent, the Deputy Secretary of State, says some people file initiative petitions with no intentions to get signatures.

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Rural landowners and utility companies—among others—debated personal property rights and the Grain Belt Express at a House committee hearing Monday afternoon.

A House bill proposes that private entities, like for-profit companies, cannot have eminent domain for the purpose of constructing electric transmission lines.

Marilyn O’Bannon, a landowner in Monroe County, supports the bill.

A Missouri House committee has approved major changes to the state’s criminal justice system, including giving judges more leeway in nonviolent crime sentencing.

The action Thursday by the House Special Committee on Criminal Justice is just the first step in what its chairman, Rep. Shamed Dogan, R-Ballwin, acknowledges could be a long fight.