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Senators are considering making cuts to the $29 billion budget passed by the house in late March as revenue reports are coming in lower than projected.

The Senate Appropriations Committee met Tuesday to review the budget line by line. Senator Denny Hoskins proposed saving money by eliminating around 200 state full-time positions that haven’t been filled for over six months.

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The Missouri Senate on Tuesday debated Governor Parson’s transportation proposal, which would allocate $350 million to repair 250 bridges across the state, as well as the alternative presented by Republicans in the House.

House members have approved a plan to allocate $100 million a year for the next four years to repair bridges around the state.

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Families who don’t vaccinate their children in Missouri say they are discriminated against at schools and doctors’ offices, and they want that to change.

On Monday afternoon, Representative Lynn Morris proposed a bill to a House health committee to prohibit what is described as ‘vaccine discrimination’ for children who have received exemptions from vaccinations for medical reasons and religious beliefs.

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With concerns that Missouri won’t generate enough revenue to meet budget demands this fiscal year, one lawmaker expressed her concerns about the shortfall.

According to a report released on Wednesday, taxes up to this same point in March had generated over 4 percent less in revenue than last year.

The state is stuck in a waiting game until April 15, the last day for Missouri citizens to file their taxes.

In a press conference on Thursday, Senator Gina Walsh said she’s not sure how the state will pay for upcoming projects.

Marijuana Decriminalization Up For Debate In MO House

Apr 5, 2019
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Marijuana decriminalization is up for debate in the Missouri House of Representatives.

A bill that was before the House on Thursday would reduce penalties for marijuana possession in an effort to stop what its sponsor is calling a “war on marijuana.”

The bill would reduce the punishment for possessing less than 100 grams of marijuana to an infraction. The current law in Missouri makes possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana a Class D felony.