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Courtesy of Damon Winter.

KRCU Public Radio is proud to deliver a new radio edition of the popular podcast The Daily to our listeners. The New York Times and American Public Media collaborated earlier this year to extend the audio news report’s following of 4.5 million monthly unique listeners to a radio audience.


Starting Monday, Sept. 2, The Daily will air weekdays at 6:30 p.m. on your local airwaves at 90.9 and 88.9 FM.

In the August edition of The Frequency, you can read more about a new show, a new season of Live From Here, the 2nd Annual 5KRCU, national host changes, and plenty other happenings at your local NPR station.

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artwork by Lindsey Grojean

Next month, KRCU Public Radio will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing with special programming.

Each year on the anniversary of the Moon landing, or on the anniversary of President Kennedy’s call to send a man to the Moon, the media is filled with nostalgic sounds from the 1960’s and images of dark lunar footprints and fiery rocket pads. But, in the glory of those remembered moments, it’s easy to forget the political climate that shaped the race to the Moon.

A new radio documentary that explores the history of black gospel music and illustrates its significant influence on the formation of rock and soul music will be broadcast by KRCU Public Radio in Cape Girardeau throughout the month of February, during Black History Month.

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