Discover Nature

Every week there are new marvels to look for in the outdoors, and Discover Nature highlights these attractions. The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Josh Hartwig brings us the stories of river otters, luna moths, red buds, and other actors as they take center stage in nature’s theater.

You can hear Discover Nature, Mondays at 7:42 a.m. and 5:18 p.m.

Missouri Department of Conservation

When winter winds chill us to the bone, we bundle up in sweaters, down vests and fleece parkas. Wild animals, on the other hand, must endure the cold.

Missouri Department of Conservation

Discover nature this week with Missouri’s ‘sounds of winter’.

Missouri Department of Conservation

Discover Nature this week with Missouri racoons.

Your car’s headlights reflect bright red eyes from a hunchbacked form ambling across the road. The black mask and ringed tail identify it as a raccoon, the “curious nighttime prowler.”

Discover Nature: Owls

Dec 27, 2020
Missouri Department of Conservation.

Owls: A bird you hear at night but rarely catch a glimpse of during the day. What’s the story with this ever-elusive fowl?

Missouri Department of Conservation

Evergreen trees are a staple in Missouri’s winter landscape, but what’s the story behind their existence and their place in holiday culture?