Discover Nature

Every week there are new marvels to look for in the outdoors, and Discover Nature highlights these attractions. The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Josh Hartwig brings us the stories of river otters, luna moths, red buds, and other actors as they take center stage in nature’s theater.

You can hear Discover Nature, Mondays at 7:42 a.m. and 5:18 p.m.

Mama Is Near

Oct 17, 2012
Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

June 12 - June 18

Discover Nature as young wildlife emerges from hiding places to venture into the world.

Often times, this typically is when conflict occurs between nature and humans. Conservation offices and employees get a wide variety of calls and contacts about young wildlife that may be abandoned by their parents, especially “orphaned deer.” Some people want to raise the supposed orphans themselves, while others want to know where to take the animal to be cared for.

Wild Grapes

Oct 17, 2012
Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

September 12 - September 18

Discover nature this week in the sweet and sour tastes of wild grapes.

Missouri’s wild grapes are smaller than cultivated varieties, though they pack a lot of punch and concentrated flavor, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Our state has seven species of native wild grapes that are found across the state and will bear fruit in bunches starting in late summer.

Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

Discover nature this week as the migration season is in full swing for shorebirds.

If you read in the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Natural Event’s calendar that “major shorebird migration begins” on August 8, the “major” describes the numbers of birds migrating, not a characteristic of individual birds.

Because so many shorebirds are migrating now, this is the time to get out the binoculars and camera and observe the big move.

Blazing Star Blooms

Oct 17, 2012
Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

July 26 - August 1

Discover nature this week and identify native Blazing Star in your area. Learning to identify and appreciate Missouri’s native wildflowers will get you one step further to enjoying some of our most enjoyable wildlife species, butterflies.

Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

July 19 - July 25

Discover nature this week and help protect young birds.

Though newborn wildlife is irresistible the best thing you can do for a young bird is leave it alone. If you can’t resist keeping track of young wildlife, use binoculars and watch from a distance

Many wild animals produce their young in May and June, and though they might appear to be lost, many times they’re not. It’s more likely the mother is away temporarily or is intentionally staying a short distance off to avoid attracting attention to her young.