Consumer Handbook

Each week Whitney Quick with the Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau brings you tips to help you be a better consumer and not be caught off guard by scams or the unexpected.

Better Business Bureau

Youth sports leagues are ubiquitous year-round, offering athletic opportunities outside of school teams. They can lead to opportunities on elite, competitive teams, including those that travel to various tournaments, which have multiplied in recent years. 

Better Business Bureau reminds parents to do their homework, as with any opportunity offered to their child, before enrolling in a travel team or sports league. 

Better Business Bureau

Clogged gutters can cause a variety of problems in rainy weather, such as major water damage to a home, and now is an ideal time to clear them. While some homeowners opt to clean their own gutters, many others hire a professional company to handle the job, whether they need to be cleaned, covered, repaired, or replaced. 

Better Business Bureau

Hundreds of timeshare owners - from at least 46 states - have lost thousands of dollars each to timeshare exit businesses that set up operations in recent years in and around Springfield, Missouri. That is a key finding of a four-month investigation of the controversial industry by the Better Business Bureau. 

Better Business Bureau

Summer is heating up, and so is the demand for tickets to major concerts, festivals and events. Use caution and do your homework when buying those tickets, especially online. 

Clayton Hester/KRCU

Spring and summer are often accompanied by the threat of river flooding in the Midwest, and this year, that threat has translated into historic high river levels. 

In the wake of water damage done to homes, businesses, and other property, consumers must be on the lookout for unscrupulous storm-chasing contractors seeking to cash in on the destruction. Fly-by-night contractors often go door-to-door in the wake of natural disasters, offering to help victims clear debris or patch up homes.