Consumer Handbook

Each week Whitney Quick, with the Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau, brings you tips to help you be a better consumer and not be caught off guard by scams or the unexpected.

Better Business Bureau

While parents are currently focused on filling their children’s backpacks with school supplies, many also recognize they’ll soon be asked to help raise money for class projects, trips, and other activities not covered by existing school funding. These efforts can range anywhere from selling things - chocolate, gift wrapping, candy, etc. - to holding contests and charity events.

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Tell Alexa to play your favorite song. Ask Siri about the weather. Use Google Assistant to turn down the air conditioner. Smart devices provide an easy way to perform simple, daily tasks. But never ask them to look up a phone number, because it may accidentally point you to a scam.

Better Business Bureau

When you’re about to buy a home, having that home inspected is a critical step in the purchase process. Only a thorough, professional inspection of the home’s physical structure and mechanical condition, from roof to foundation, can uncover the issues you need to watch for as a homeowner and potentially discuss with the seller. 

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No matter where you turn these days, you’re bound to read or hear about extended auto service contracts. If you’re not hearing about them on television or radio ads, you’re coming home to mailers telling you to have your contract activated immediately. 

Better Business Bureau

With tuition payments, financial aid applications, and school supplies, August marks the month for students looking to spend their money on going back to colleges or universities. Scammers take this opportunity to sway students who are looking for better ways to manage their money.