Southeast Arrow

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Following the Nov. 18 proposal of a bill to ban parking on Normal Avenue, many students attended the Dec. 2 meeting of the Cape Girardeau City Council to suggest alternative solutions. 

The idea of the ban is to decrease illegal parking on campus and increase pedestrian safety. However, many felt there were better solutions than a complete ban. 

Patrick Buck

Southeast’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty hosted a recruitment drive and petition signing against the university’s dry campus policy, which bars students from possessing or consuming alcohol on campus or at university-sponsored events unless specifically authorized.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), led by sophomore President Zeb Parris, is a new student group at Southeast. The national organization works to extend its mission to, “identify, educate, train and mobilize youth activists to make liberty win,” according to the YAL website.

Makayla Caldwell

Southeast welcomed back alumnus Nick Cutelli for Homecoming weekend with the opportunity to teach a theater master class at Southeast River Campus on Oct. 25.


“It’s good to be back,” Cutelli said. “It’s good to see how everything has grown and gotten bigger.”


Cutelli took a trip down memory lane as he shared changes he saw during his campus visit, as compared to when he graduated from Southeast in 2006.


The Harrison College of Business and Catapult Creative House are preparing for their annual Innovation Challenge in November.

The Innovation Challenge is a contest among students of any major and background to create projects to implement at Southeast.

Students are invited to create a team of two to three people to implement a program, campaign or other activity from which the Southeast community would benefit from. Diverse majors among teammates is highly encouraged.