Ryan Shrimplin

Lindsey Grojean / KRCU



Where will Cape Girardeau be in 2040 and what will it look like? Answers to those questions have been offered after the Cape Vision 2040 project was approved over the summer. City Planner Ryan Shrimplin came on the program to talk about the progress that has been made on the project.


This week, the Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization, also known as SEMPO, had their last round of public engagement sessions for their Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan draft. On Tuesday, SEMPO hosted open houses in Cape and Jackson with over 30 people in attendance.

Cape Girardeau city planner, Ryan Shrimplin says many of those who came out were passionate cyclists particularly interested in recommended routes in the plan.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The City of Cape Girardeau is adopting a new comprehensive planning process called "Cape Vision 2040".


Since adopting their current plan a decade ago, new developments have taken place in the city, and the community’s focus has shifted to new issues. According to city planner Ryan Shrimplin, these are two indicators that pushed the city to hire a consultant to develop a long-range blueprint for the growth and development of Cape Girardeau.


The Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization has released its four-year Transportation Improvement Program amendment, also known as a TIP amendment, for road projects in the region. The current amendment includes all projects MoDOT has planned for its statewide program.


Cape Girardeau City Planner Ryan Shrimplin says under Missouri law, new state projects or changes within SEMPO’s planning area must be incorporated into their TIP amendment.