Coalition Urges Missourians to Join Redistricting Process

Oct 13, 2021
Lily Bohlke / Missouri News Service

Public hearings for Missouri's redistricting process begin Saturday in St. Louis and continue next week in Springfield and Kansas City. Watchdog groups advocating for fair maps are urging the state House and Senate bipartisan commissions working on the new maps to take into account what residents want in their voting districts, and to keep what are known as "communities of interest" together.

Missouri GOP lawmakers say they weren’t surprised that Gov. Mike Parson pulled the plug on a special session on congressional redistricting, pointing to both a truncated timeline and the Republican chief executive’s reluctance to bring lawmakers back to Jefferson City without consensus.

But even if Parson’s comments from last week weren’t shocking, the impact of the move is still the same: Having the highly political process take place during a regular session could enable lawmakers from both parties to hold legislation hostage in order to change the composition of the map.

Missouri News Service / Lily Bohlke


Redistricting reformers urged the people charged with drawing new voting-district maps in Missouri to commit to putting the voters over partisan interests.

Missouri News Service / Lily Bohlke

As Missouri lawmakers prepare to draw lines for the next decade of voting-district maps, groups advocating for a fair process are urging residents to give their input, using an online tool to map their own communities of interest.

Missouri Redistricting Process Begins Despite Delayed Census Data

Mar 10, 2021
Onasill ~ Bill/flickr/

Every 10 years, state legislatures across the country redraw their congressional map.

With census data from the federal government, local legislatures decide how to shape new districts that members of Congress represent.

Missouri lawmakers began that process on Tues. Mar. 9, but the process of drawing the maps has been complicated this year by the pandemic.