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As Election day grows near, Missouri voters express concern about the lack of a federal Farm Bill. U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson still considers the bill a high priority.

In September, Congress allowed the 2008 Farm Bill to expire without proposing a new bill.

For farmers still recovering from the summer’s drought, this leaves a high level of uncertainty about next year’s crops.

Claire McCaskill Returns To Campaign

Oct 31, 2012
Missouri Senate

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill was back on the campaign trail Wednesday, attacking Republican Congressman Akin for his stance on the school lunch program. But she also used the time to talk about her mother, who passed away earlier this week.

It was McCaskill’s first public appearance since the passing of her mother, Betty Anne.

In previous campaigns, the Senator would often bring her mother up on the stump.

McCaskill says it’s been a “tumultuous time.”

“Part of me feels a little lost,” McCaskill said.

Nixon and Spence Enter Last Week Of Campaigning

Oct 30, 2012
Nixon: via Missouri Governor’s website, Spence: courtesy Alpha Packagin / St. Louis Public Radio

With polls tightening and the election campaign entering its final week, both incumbent Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Republican challenger Dave Spence are campaigning on the economy, but with starkly different takes.

Nixon spoke Tuesday at a diner in Wentzville, telling autoworkers from the Wentzville GM plant that over 3 thousand jobs have been created at Missouri auto plants during his four years in office.

Nixon also bragged about the state's unemployment rate.

Cape Elections Officials Ready For College Voters

Oct 28, 2012
kristin_a / Flickr

  Southeast Missouri State University students can vote in their parents’ home county or in Cape Girardeau County. It just depends on where they are registered.

Kara Clark Summers is the Cape Girardeau County Clerk and election authority. She says college students have the ability to register in either place.

Verdict Of Voters To Determine Missouri Judicial Selection Process

Oct 24, 2012
s_falkow / Flickr

This Election Day, Missouri voters will decide whether to change how judges are chosen in the Show Me State.

More than 70 years ago Missourians voted for a nominating system that strove to take political influence out of the judiciary.

A wave of recent criticism led to Constitutional Amendment Three.

How it all works - now

By now you’re probably used to the onslaught of TV campaign ads for national and state races.
Across the river in Illinois  that includes election ads for judges.