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Missourians eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine will be able to sign up for a shot at local pharmacies.

Officials from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services on Tuesday announced that starting this week, the federal government will send doses to 81 Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacies across the state.

The federal government will next ship doses to 21 Health Mart Pharmacies in Missouri.

MO House Bills Aim To Create 'Open Enrollment' In Public Schools

Feb 9, 2021
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Critics of a bill introduced in the Missouri House say that although it is intended to give parents more options for their childrens’ education, it could create unnecessary competition between schools.

The pervasiveness of COVID-19 in Missouri may be much larger than the state’s public data show.

The nearly half a million confirmed cases listed on Missouri’s dashboard do not include tens of thousands of positive tests found through antigen tests administered in the state, a new analysis by CNN found.

Most states have included cases found through antigen testing in their case tallies, according to CNN’s report. By excluding antigen tests, Missouri’s case numbers may appear artificially low compared with other states.

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The House Higher Education Committee heard a bill on Mon. Feb. 8, that would remove the tuition cap for colleges and universities for the next five years.

According to the bill’s sponsor, Representative Doug Richey, the bill would allow for students and families to see how much they’re really paying for college, and it would allow universities to cater their costs to specific degrees. It could mean getting rid of course fees and including those costs in tuition.

Scott Sifton, a former Democratic Missouri state senator, announced plans Monday to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Roy Blunt.

The environmental lawyer, who lives in south St. Louis County, made the announcement Monday in a video released on social media.

“Missouri needs a senator who promotes truth, not conspiracy theories. And equality, not hate. A senator who trusts science instead of denying it,” Sifton said during his minute-and-a-half video, hitting on talking points of those critical of former President Donald Trump and his allies.