Missouri Economic Recovery

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson returned to his normal schedule this week, emerging from isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus to tout the state’s economic recovery on Wednesday.

Parson announced he would be releasing $133 million back into the state’s budget after the funds were originally withheld due to the state’s grim economic outlook as the coronavirus left thousands jobless.

In addition to announcing FDA approval for a new saliva coronavirus test developed at Washington University, Gov. Mike Parson said Wednesday that economic recovery in Missouri is in full swing.

“Missouri’s unemployment rate dropped again,” Parson said at a press briefing. “From 7.8 in June to 6.9% in July. With employment increasing by over 52,000 jobs.”

For July, the national unemployment rate was 10.2%. Parson said Missouri is in the 10 states with the lowest unemployment rate.

Missouri Department of Economic Development

The Missouri Development Finance Board has announced the new "Small Communities Operating Capital Loan Relief Program" for Missouri incorporated cities under 25,000. The new program will allow $5 million to be distributed to communities dealing with the economic challenges from COVID-19. The announcement was released Wednesday, July 22, by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley wants to completely shift how the country handles mass unemployment during an economic calamity like the coronavirus pandemic.

The Missouri Republican senator proposes that the federal government step in to help pay for an employee’s wages at companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis. It’s a move he says will substantially tamp down economic anxiety among workers and employers.

Hawley’s proposal, which is similar to what some European countries are doing to deal with the economic downturn, has some fans among economists and Democrats. But it’s an open question whether his GOP colleagues who run the U.S. Senate will make it a priority.