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The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services began awarding the 192 state medical marijuana dispensary licenses on Thursday. 

According to the constitutional amendment that voters approved in 2018, the department was required to license at least 192 dispensaries, 24 in each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts. This means DHSS could have awarded more licenses, but officials want to see if the minimum number can meet demand. 

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Local hospitals are tackling the topic of medical marijuana, with mixed ideas about the right approach. 

SoutheastHEALTH is currently investigating whether it will allow their physicians to recommend the drug for patients, they stated in a press release, adding that it’s “too early” to take a final stance.

“We are in the initial stages of engagement with the medical staff and exploration of the regulatory and prescriber requirements and its legal impact of those decisions,” said Interim Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gabe Soto.

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Over 550 medical marijuana facilities have pre-filed applications with the Missouri health department, 12 of which could be located in southeast Missouri. 

On June 4, forms were made available to the public for potential cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary, and testing facilities for the drug. 

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A city ordinance proposal regarding medical marijuana, which has lit a lot of discussion among municipalities across the state in recent weeks, has been made into law in Cape Girardeau.

During a Monday meeting, the city council approved Bill No. 19-107 on a 5-2 vote, which establishes buffer zones for medical marijuana facilities within city limits. 

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There’s a new business coming to the Cape/Jackson metro. In fact, coming to many locations in the state of Missouri.

On November 6, 2018, Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed Constitutional Amendment 2 legalizing marijuana for approved medical use in Missouri. Since then, officials have been grappling with rules and regulations related to implementing the will of the people who joined many states in openly defying federal law with this vote.