Martin's Must-Reads

If your online feeds are anything like mine this time of year you receive many lists of the top best books of the year, and so, on this the first day of 2020, I will list some of my favorite reviewed books of 2019.

“If I were to pinpoint when the world began reorganizing itself...that is, when my seeing of it began to shift- it would be the day a stranger named Rune blew into our bad luck town of Greenstone, Minnesota, like a spark from the boreal gloom. It was also the day of my release from St. Luke’s Hospital down in Duluth, so I was concussed and more than a little adrift.” 

“And there is the bare truth of it, for her and all the women around here. Doesn’t matter how smart you are, how clever, how self-reliant- you can always be bettered by a stupid man with a gun....She reaches behind into her saddlebag with her left hand, and as he turns his head she drops the reins, grabs the other corner with her right fist, and swings the heavy book as hard as she can, smack, into his face.”

Many years ago, while visiting Coventry Cathedral, my mother was taken by the beautiful needlepoint kneelers that  were in every row.  She asked the guide if they sold the pattern for them and the guide went off to check.  She returned with a packet of four of the original pattern papers and simply gave them to my mother. 

The last thing she ever said to him was “I’m falling asleep.”  In vacationing with friends, Sheryl Sandberg and her husband, Dave, were relaxing on a beach in Mexico.  When Sheryl woke up an hour later, Dave was gone. They found Dave collapsed in the hotel workout room.  Dave died a short while later at the hospital.