Martin's Must-Reads

“To: Fish’s Grandpa. Please tell the sheriff that Fish didn’t want to shoot my old man. My old man is dead in my kitchen, on the floor by the table. From: Dale Breadwin.”

“Elsa Wolcott had spent years in enforced solitude, reading fictional adventures and imagining other lives. In her lonely bedroom, surrounded by the novels that had become her friends, she sometimes dared to dream of an adventure of her own.”

Before sunrise on January 1, Conor hiked to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park braving the cold Maine weather to watch the sunrise on the continental United States. This began his odyssey to visit every national park in one year.

“Sir Edmund steels himself daily against forces that lie in wait to punish him for his dark and secret infatuation with unnatural nature. Sir Edmund is a collector, an insatiable, relentless collector, with an interest in anomalies and mutations, aberrations and malformations of life in or around the realm of water. If it swims or paddles or blows bubbles in any way oddly, then he’ll have it killed, stuffed or put in a jar, and brought to his private library.”

With their impact on our culture, the legacy of the Beatles transcends music. An impact that is still felt today. The heart of the Beatles was its initial driving force John Lennon.