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Dictionary.com defines “hub” as the effective center of an activity, region, or network.

We often talk about the Cape/Jackson metro as a regional hub. But exactly why do we say that and what does it really mean. Let’s dive deeper.

We are the largest city between St. Louis and Memphis north and south, and between Clarksville or Evansville and Springfield east and west. Our daytime population often approaches 100,000 as we become a bevy of activity.

Cape Chamber

Many successful employers are using THIS to keep their employees engaged and happy in a time of workforce challenges.

In today’s world, employers must consider more than just monetary compensation when hiring and retaining employees.  Creative compensation describes a method of looking at an entire compensation package and including things other than actual dollars. Examples are job security, flexible hours, growth opportunities, praise and recognition, fun and friendships. It is true employees generally consider a total compensation package is indicative to how they are valued.

Cape Chamber

Business success and growth is dependent upon many things. One critical factor is an area’s business climate.

Business climate is generally comprised of the attitude of the government, politicos, local consumers and clients, labor organizations, access to capital, and current taxation regimen. A friendly business environment can help tremendously with business stability and growth.

Cape Chamber

Only eleven cities in the state of Missouri are fortunate enough to be home to one of these important economic drivers.

Cape is home to Southeast Missouri State University, founded in 1873. While Southeast’s primary purpose is to increase the human capital of its students, it also serves as a tremendous economic driver for the region.

Cape Chamber

Employment sector reports reveal valuable information about our local economy.