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Is it possible that what happens in this final week of the Major League Baseball season could affect business in the Cape/Jackson metro?

For decades we have been able to measure the positive affect on the local economies of cities whose teams make the playoffs in their respective sports. Certainly hosting playoff games provides for a direct infusion of additional capital to a local economy. But what about an extended regional market like our area? Do we benefit if the Cardinals make the playoffs?

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Is it ever too early to begin preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s jobs?

When it comes to preparing tomorrow’s workforce, education and training must start at an early age and continue throughout life. The Chamber is very focused on doing our part to help in this process and working with our partners to achieve a better outcome.

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In 1975, this was only an idea. Today, it has become a valuable tool in the area’s economic development infrastructure.

The Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority is located on the Cape Girardeau County / Scott County line. A cornerstone of the Port’s development came in 1985 when more than 70% of voters in the two counties approved a one quarter cent sales tax that sunset in 1990.

Cape Chamber

My guess is you’ll find these numbers as surprising as we did. They are certainly important to be aware of and understand.

The non-profit sector is big business in the United States, the state of Missouri, and right here in Cape Girardeau County. Some eye-opening information is contained in a study of the economic impact of the non-profit sector conducted by the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

One of the ways to address the workforce shortage is to keep as many of our local graduates in the area as possible.

Each year, hundreds of young people graduate from our area high schools and from Southeast Missouri State University and less than half of them enter our local workforce. In addition, many students graduate with very limited work experience. In a world where an available, capable, and trained workforce is key to area growth, this is not a desirable situation.