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Preparing people for today’s jobs is the simple definition of workforce development.

With state and local unemployment numbers continuing to hover near record lows and employers voicing concern about their ability to hire qualified people, workforce development has become a more focused area of concern. This is a good time to review local efforts to prepare people for jobs.

Cape Chamber

We often talk about the Cape/Jackson metro as a regional hub. Why do we say that? Let’s dive deeper.

We are the largest city between St. Louis and Memphis north and south, and between Clarksville or Evansville and Springfield east and west. Our daytime population often approaches 100,000 as we become a bevy of activity.

Cape Chamber

An area’s business success and growth is dependent upon many things. One critical factor is successful advocacy for a positive business climate.

Strong advocacy efforts go a long way in creating a positive business climate. It is important for advocacy groups and individuals to work with responsible entities and seek win-win approaches that are good for business and the general public. This must be an intentional and ongoing effort.

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Technology visionary Leonard Brody calls what we are experiencing today a complete reset of the operating system of our planet.

In a recent presentation, Brody said change today is occurring unlike anything we have experienced in the last 100 years. He believes the next decade will bring many of our structures and systems to a place we will barely recognize. At the Chamber, we agree.

Employment sector information reveals valuable details about our local economy.