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There’s a new business coming to the Cape/Jackson metro. In fact, coming to many locations in the state of Missouri.

On November 6, 2018, Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed Constitutional Amendment 2 legalizing marijuana for approved medical use in Missouri. Since then, officials have been grappling with rules and regulations related to implementing the will of the people who joined many states in openly defying federal law with this vote.

Cape Chamber

The U.S. Census Bureau has released the 2018 population estimates. Do you know if your city is growing?

Certainly one indicator of an area’s well-being is population growth. Most believe active, vibrant communities are growing communities and vice versa. So let’s take a quick look at what the numbers tell us about growth or decline since the 2010 census.

Cape Chamber

There is a real threat to many businesses in the United States and our area is certainly not immune.

According to Forbes, between 80 – 90 percent of U.S. businesses are family owned or family controlled. Statistics tell us less than one third of those will survive into the second generation and roughly only 10 percent will make it to the third and beyond.

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Partnerships are so important in the success of the local economy. For two decades we have enjoyed a key successful partnership resulting in great results.

Old Town Cape was established in 1999 and the Cape Chamber was part of the organizing effort. OTC is an accredited Main Street Program for downtown revitalization based on the four point approach of promotion, design, economic vitality, and organization. The organization has thrived under the leadership of Director Marla Mills. Recently, she announced she will be stepping down after serving OTC for 13 years.

One local economic indicator record was broken and another was a very close second. 

We receive monthly reports from the City of Cape Girardeau revealing sales tax numbers. They are always a month or two behind actual receipts and provide an excellent year over year comparison a month at a time. So the April report received in May likely covered the month of March activities.