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Southeast Missouri State University

The quality of air in the home is critical for all of us but more so for those suffering with asthma.

Dr. John Kraemer is the Director of the Institute for Environmental Health Assessment & Patient Centered Outcomes. Kraemer is a professor of biology and environmental science and director of the University’s Center for Environmental Analysis. He has completed research and training related to the identification and management of environmental triggers. He spoke with KRCU's Dan Woods about the work he and his colleagues are doing to help people breathe easier.

Southeast Missouri State University

It is Election season and this one has been as unpredictable as any in recent memory with the nomination of a Supreme Court justice before the election and the impact of the pandemic on campaigning and on the debates. 

It proves to stay unpredictable and to talk about what may be in store -- and specifically the battle for the U.S. Senate, Dan Woods spoke with Dr. Jason Sides, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Southeast Missouri State University.

Southeast Missouri State University

If you are interested in cold cases and enjoy watching "Unsolved Mysterties" this interview may be just for you. Dr. Jennifer Bengtson is an Associate Professor in the Department of History & Anthropology at Southeast Missouri State University.

She and some of her students are once again working on solving a cold case by identifying a set of human remains recovered in Cape Girardeau County in 1980. This comes on the heels of a successful case they recently solved thanks to some cutting edge methods.

Bengtson spoke on the television program "SE Connect."

Clayton Hester / KRCU


Veterans joined together with the Southeast community on Friday, September 25, to dedicate the Veterans Plaza that’s been under construction this summer. 

Thomas Meyer, United States Navy Seabee Veteran, is responsible for spearheading the effort. Meyer began the process during his time on the Board of Regents. I spoke to him after the ceremony about the length of the process and the effort to place it at Southeast. 

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University recently announced the expansion of its test optional admissions and scholarship offerings available to beginning freshmen entering Southeast in fall 2021 to increase access to higher education.

According to Lenell Hahn, director of Admissions, Southeast became a test-optional institution in fall of 2019. The expansion is offering admission to students with a 2.75 GPA after graduating high school.