Gov. Mike Parson

The Office Of Gov. Mike Parson

A senate bill regarding state agriculture was signed into law by Gov. Mike Parson today.

According to a press release by Parson’s office, Senate Bill 391 creates a “consistent regulatory framework for producers and encourages investment” in rural Missouri.

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In a Facebook Live video today, Missouri Governor Mike Parson held a press conference outlining issues surrounding Planned Parenthood’s St. Louis clinic, which could be forced to stop offering abortion procedures after their state license expires this Friday.

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Another day, another declaration. This is becoming the norm for Missourians as the severe weather continues to hit the state.


Governor Mike Parson has declared a state of emergency in Missouri amidst Tuesday’s severe weather warnings throughout the state and the chance of increased flooding.


Parson’s office said the state’s emergency management team is monitoring the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.


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A major stepping stone has been laid for local residents working past flood conditions that have struck Missouri.

After declaring a state of emergency on March 21st, Governor Mike Parson announced last night that President Donald Trump had approved his request for a major disaster declaration.

Sandy Miesner and Joan Pingel brush their hands across the names of the memorial wall.

If you were in Perryville on Saturday, May 18, you might have seen a few more cars around town than usual. As KRCU’s Lindsey Grojean reports, it was opening weekend for the Missouri National Veterans Memorial.

GROJEAN, BYLINE: There was a lot going on in Perryville this weekend. Visitors from out of state were shuttling back and forth from designated parking lots across town, Helicopters were cruising around, overhead...