Fort D Historic Site

Tori Bowden/KRCU

Fort D Historic Site in Cape Girardeau has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, a program overseen by the National Park Service.

Friends of Fort D coordinator, Scott House, who worked on the application, says the important nomination comes after after about 10 years since he started working with the Cape Girardeau Historic Preservation Commission.

“About two years ago I cleared my plate enough to be able to spend the time necessary on it,” says House.  

Tori Bowden/KRCU

The historic site of Fort D has been nominated to be considered for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation will consider nominations during their quarterly meeting on Friday, May 20.

If approved, Fort D would be forwarded to the Keeper of the National Register in Washington, D.C., for final approval.

The McCutchen Theatre in Charleston was also nominated.


Historic Fort D in Cape Girardeau celebrated Memorial Day with re-enactments, demonstrations, and music performed by the Front Porch Players.