Missouri Lawmakers Agree On More Money For Hospitals, Higher Education

May 7, 2021

Hospitals, higher education and people who owe the state money from mistakenly paid unemployment benefits were the winners Wednesday in state budget negotiations.

There’s also extra money to help defendants in limbo because they are on public defender waiting lists and federal COVID-19 relief funds from the American Rescue Plan to help homeowners and renters behind on payments due to lost income.

MO House Adds Multiple Amendments To SB226, Which Affect Taxes And Education Choices

May 5, 2021

On Wednesday morning, the Missouri House of Representatives tacked on multiple amendments to a Senate sales tax bill.

One approved amendment tacked on to Senate Bill 226 would allow parents to choose what school district they would like to send their child to, if they own property in another school district and have paid at least $3,000 in property taxes for at least three years.

Missouri HB 543 Would Allow Students To Enroll In Public Schools Outside Of Home Districts

Apr 15, 2021
Jack Sem/Flickr/

Parents looking for different public education opportunities for their children could soon have more options within Missouri. House Bill 543 would allow for students to enroll in schools outside their home districts.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Brad Pollitt, says the bill is a step in the right direction for public education reform.

Mike Wood, a representative from the Missouri State Teachers Association, testified in opposition to the bill. Wood says small school districts might face consolidation as a result of students leaving for larger districts.

The substitute teacher pool in Missouri is not bone dry, but it is still in drought conditions as more classrooms welcome back students in the second semester.

The State of Missouri is issuing new guidance for schools related to COVID-19.  Governor Mike Parson announced Thursday that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education now advises that close contacts of a person with COVID-19 in a school setting don’t have to quarantine if all individuals were wearing masks.

The guidance applies in school districts and charter schools that have mask mandates in place and when all parties were wearing their masks correctly at the time of exposure.