Remember way back in July when Kansas Education Commissioner Randy Watson told parents to plan for intermittent school closures?

Well, less than a month into the school year for most Kansas and Missouri students, those closures and quarantines have begun.

Here are some of the confirmed cases making headlines:

Some students in the St. Louis region have returned to classrooms, while others have abruptly shifted to learning from home. It’s a sign of how fluid the first half of this school year could be as educators navigate the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In Madison County, depending on where their last name fell in the alphabet, Tuesday or Wednesday was kids’ first day of being in classrooms as the district brings its 6,400 students back on a hybrid schedule after three weeks of remote schooling.

Abby Wendle, Harvest Public Media


Farmers have faced challenges the past couple of years, from the trade war to the current pandemic putting a strain on the industry.

Barry Bean is a board member of the Missouri Farm Bureau and a cotton farmer. He’s president of Bean and Bean Cotton Company. KRCU’s Clayton Hester spoke with Bean about the economic pressures facing the industry today.


More than four months after Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sought to hold China and the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic, the lawsuit remains stalled in federal court.

Neither the Chinese government, the Communist Party nor the officials named in the lawsuit have filed a response.

Missouri served the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing with summonses on July 17. Under U.S. law, a foreign state or agency has 60 days to respond after they’re served.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the number of new coronavirus admissions on Monday at hospitals in the St. Louis Region. Corrected data from the St. Louis Metropolitan Task Force puts the number at 66.

St. Louis hospitals admitted 66 patients with the coronavirus on Monday, the largest single-day number in more than four months.

New hospital admissions have only risen above the 60-person mark three times previously, and all those days were at the beginning of the pandemic.