From 2010 through 2016, digital jobs had the fastest wage growth rate and the second-fastest job growth average. Because of this, Codefi’s Stacy Dohogne Lane says making sure that we’re equipped with digital skills is “one of the very best ways” to prepare for what the future of work is going to look like. 

15% of the workforce in America are working in digital jobs, but here in rural America, that number is only 5%. 



Codefi has announced winners for its 1ST50K competition, breaking precedent in the competition. The competition is aimed at new startups and awards $50,000 to its winners.

In addition to startup money, the winners receive access to venture capital and angel investment networks, professional and high-level business coaching and mentorship and personal introductions to strategic business leaders. 

KRCU’s Clayton Hester spoke to Codefi’s director of public relations Stacy Dohogne Lane about this year’s results. 


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

As part of Marquette TechWeek, Codefi in Cape Girardeau hosted a kid’s coding camp for third through sixth graders hoping to put their coding skills and creativity to the test. Kids were placed in groups where they programmed routines for their robot, called a Finch. But this was more than just programming routines for a robot; each group was vying for a spot to present their routine at Marquette’s Techfest Gala on Thursday. We attended a preliminary contest between the kids for this audio postcard.


Jason Brown

Deep within the halls of the old federal building on Broadway in Cape Girardeau lies the offices of Codefi, a cooperative workspace with a hip color-pallet that serves as a stark contrast to the austere layout of that building. The space is open and playful, and calls to mind descriptions of offices in Silicon Valley.