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Updated at 7:07 p.m. on 05/11/2021  

 On Tues. May 11, Governor Mike Parson notified the U.S. Department of Labor, that Missouri will end participation in all federal pandemic-related unemployment insurance programs, effective June 12 at 11:59PM. The announcement was made in a press release.



MO House Adds Amendments To HB 834 Which Expand Medicaid For New Mothers And Reduce Drug Prices

May 11, 2021
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The Missouri House made changes to a bill on Mon. May 10, that would affect healthcare throughout the state.

One of the new amendments included expansion of Medicaid for new mothers. Currently, newborns are covered for a year while their mothers are only covered for three months.

The new amendment makes it so that new mothers are covered for a year, too. These amendments are included in HB 834.

MO House Adds Multiple Amendments To SB226, Which Affect Taxes And Education Choices

May 5, 2021

On Wednesday morning, the Missouri House of Representatives tacked on multiple amendments to a Senate sales tax bill.

One approved amendment tacked on to Senate Bill 226 would allow parents to choose what school district they would like to send their child to, if they own property in another school district and have paid at least $3,000 in property taxes for at least three years.
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The City of Cape Girardeau is implementing a new false alarm reduction plan. 

 Every year the Cape Girardeau Fire and Police Departments respond to thousands of false alarm calls which divert resources away from responding to legitimate emergency situations. 


The goal of this new program is to minimize the burden on public safety personnel and reduce the rising annual costs of these responses to the general public.


John Moore

Just after noon on Thurs. Apr. 22, in the City Council Chambers, the City of Cape Girardeau officially announced the new incoming Cape Girardeau city manager, after a nationwide search.

Cape Girardeau's mayor, Bob Fox, introduced Dr. Kenneth Haskin, or Kenny Haskin, as he prefers to be called casually, for the first time, with city council members behind him, and several community leaders present.