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Last Monday, a man was arrested in connection to the fire that destroyed the Islamic Center on North West End Boulevard. 

According to the Cape Girardeau Police Department, 42-year-old Nicholas Proffitt of Cape Girardeau was motivated by reasons of religion. 

He’s been charged with three felonies, including burglary, arson, and property damage.


Southeast President Carlos Vargas spoke with KRCU on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 and told us how pleased he is with how quickly the campus community adapted to doing business in new ways. He also told us about a student Emergency Fund that has been established and that students who are graduating in Spring 2020 will be welcomed to particpate in graduation ceremonies in the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 semester. The Spring 2020 ceremony was postponed because of the pandemic and guidelines that limit the gatherings of large groups to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Southeast Missouri State University

The campus of Southeast Missouri State University is quiet right now with students taking classes online and employees working from home. But if you listen closely, you'll hear the sound of 3D printers and a laser cutter hard at work in the Seabaugh Polytechnic Building producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the local healthcare community.

Southeast Missouri Food Bank


In a time of pandemic, as grocery stories try to keep up, the Southeast Missouri Food Bank is also working to help with the demand, especially as it applies to those in need. 

“SEMO Food Bank has seen a dramatic increase already for demand for food assistance due to COVID-19 economic impacts,” says Joey Keys, the organization’s President and CEO. 

The Food Bank has 140 agencies throughout their network in the service area. He says in this time of need, other organizations are looking to work together. 

Old Town Cape

Old Town Cape is staying connected with Cape Girardeau's Downtown Businesses and finding creative ways to keep the community engaged including participating in the "Great American Takeout" and hosting a Virtual Bingo.

Tunes at Twilight and the Cape Riverfront Market have both been postponed, according to Haynes. She told us that they have set up a resource on their website for those who would like to connect with their favorite local vendor if they would like to purchase food.

We spoke with Liz Haynes, Executive Director of Old Town Cape.