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Covering everything from education and politics to conservation efforts and health/science, nothing is off-limits on KRCU's Going Public. This locally-produced program provides a space for officials and community members to speak on the latest news in - and issues facing - the southeast Missouri region. 

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The National Weather Service.

  On Sat. July 10th, Southeast Missouri experienced a series of severe weather events, along with an EF2 tornado touching down and damaging parts of Stoddard County.

According to the National Weather Service in Paducah, the tornado’s path was 5.5 miles long and the force of its winds reached 120 miles per hour.


  The invasive emerald ash borer, a small, metallic-green beetle native to Asia, may eliminate the ash tree from North America. 


In Missouri, EAB is present in 89 counties and the city of St. Louis.


Amy Turner, CST Public Affairs Office

The US is experiencing a nationwide blood supply shortage and The American Red Cross is urging those who are eligible, to give blood and help alleviate the situation. 

Due to a rise in emergency care requirements such as organ transplants, trauma care, and elective surgeries, the stock of whole and plasma blood supply is rapidly depleting. 

The Cape Girardeau Public Library / Katie Earnhart

  The Cape Girardeau Public Library will be offering a series of additional services this summer including two new library card opportunities, various free public Wi-Fi locations, and the continuation of pre-pandemic activities and events.

The library is now offering a free card for residents outside of the municipal library district, one which originally required a paid membership. 

Leslie Washington

June 4th marked National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The following day, June 5th was proclaimed ‘Gun Violence Awareness Day’ for the City of Cape Girardeau by Mayor Bob Fox at a City council meeting earlier in the month, an award proposed by the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Organization. 

Moms Demand Action is a national organization, also represented by state and county specific groups.