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Covering everything from education and politics to conservation efforts and health/science, nothing is off-limits on KRCU's Going Public. This locally-produced program provides a space for officials and community members to speak on the latest news in - and issues facing - the southeast Missouri region. 

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Candy N: Today we do have with us, Tiffany Comfort, coordinator of Campus Life Events to discuss Carpe Diem, which is [happening] on November 14. How are you doing today, Tiffany?

Tiffany Comfort: I'm perfectly fine. How are you?

Candy N: I'm doing great. Thank you. Thank you so much. So I just want to ask you like, how Carpe Diem  started and when it started?

SEMO Safe House For Women

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In the United States, family and domestic violence are a common problem, affecting an estimated 10 million people every year. 

Throughout the month of October, resources in Cape Girardeau will be offering aid and awareness opportunities to community members on the subject of domestic violence. 

Daria Lawson

In early September, Southeast Missouri State University President Carlos Vargas notified the community of Cape Girardeau that due to a recent structural assessment, Houck Stadium would be closing to the public. Vargas explained that the structure's south grandstand had surpassed its original useful life and the rate of the concrete’s deterioration had accelerated.

The south grandstand notably seated the ‘visitors’ section of sports fans and families.

Southeast Missouri Food Band / Lisa Church

The Southeast Missouri Food Bank has joined Feeding America and a network of food banks across the US to celebrate their annual Hunger Action Month Campaign throughout Septemb

John Nimmo / Center For Behavioral Health and Accessibility

Southeast Missouri State University’s Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility will host a Health and Wellness Resource Fair on Sept. 8 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to mark National Suicide Prevention Month.

The fair will feature campus organizations, departments and community partners with information, resources and interaction that support physical and mental health. 

Training programs, personal assessments for anxiety and body image, and STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing will be offered at the event.