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Our Favorite Music Of 2013

Dec 9, 2013

2013 is coming to a close and once again, more great music than can possibly be listened to has been released. We're sharing our favorites of the year. Hopefully you will find sounds that you will love and you are of course welcome to leave your own suggestions in the comments. Happy New Year!

NPR Music Presents: Cut Copy In Concert

Nov 18, 2013
Courtesy of the artist

The Australian synth-pop group will be performing in New York City to launch NPR Music's offering of Metropolis, an electronic music program produced by member station KCRW.

Cut Copy have been making danceable tunes since 2001. They broke through with their 2008 album In Ghost Colours with such songs as "Lights And Music" and "Feel The Love." Their latest album is titled Free Your Mind.

The concert will take place at 9 PM CT on Tuesday, November 19. Watch it live here.

Album Review: UZU by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Nov 14, 2013
Suicide Squeeze Records

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan are something more than a band. They merge different genres, cultures, and media into intense and sometimes bewildering works of art including costume design, video games, and music. Their second album is titled UZU and begins with a serene tribute to Atalanta, a character from Greek mythology who was abandoned as an infant for being born a girl, nursed by bears and raised by hunters.

NPR Music Presents: Arcade Fire In Concert

Oct 28, 2013

One of the independent scene's most successful bands is set to release their fourth album, Reflektor, a dance-infused effort produced in part by James Murphy of the monumental alternative dance band LCD Soundsystem. Hear the band plays cuts from that album, plus highlights from their impressive back catalog.

The live event begins at 9:00 PM Central time and can be listened to here.

Album Review: A Hero's Lie

Sep 19, 2013
Motion Audio

Grey Reverend is the musical project of L.D. Brown, a singer-songwriter with a strong jazz background. He began playing saxophone at the age of 9 and when he was 22 he studied jazz guitar under the tutelage of the great Pat Martino. His aspirations to master the complex intricacies of the genre were thwarted by focal dystonia, a neurological disorder that affects fine motor skills. Determined not to give up music altogether, Brown focused his attention toward acoustic guitar and his voice, and has just released his second album under the Grey Reverend moniker, A Hero’s Lie.