What To Do When Traveling For The Holidays Is Too Risky

Nov 17, 2020

During the summer months, restaurants and bars took advantage of outdoor spaces to keep their businesses alive but now, winter is coming. The days are getting shorter and colder, but this will not be like any other winter season. Health officials are already warning us that rates of coronavirus may only get worse. As much as we might want to travel, going home remains risky. 

With the holidays around the corner, many of us are longing to take part in family traditions in a year that has prevented many of them. But as cases continue to spike across the country, experts are still warning against social gatherings – especially indoors. Now, state governors are increasing restrictions ahead of the holidays — which puts a big Thanksgiving dinner on the event chopping block.

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Staying home or staying in your pod might be the safest option. But when we’ve lost so many traditions this year — is there any way to celebrate at a social distance?

Here are some of the tips our panelists provided:

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