Two-Minute Drill: Athletics Alumni Spotlight: Katie Norman

Oct 22, 2020

This weeks "Two-Minute Drill" is a Redhawks alumni Spotlight, featuring former SEMO women's basketball player Katie Norman.

Norman played two seasons at SEMO from 2009-2011 before her career ended due to a severe back injury. She averaged 8.1 points and 3.4 rebounds in 57 games and 45 starts as a Redhawk. Norman collected 54 steals, dished out 92 assists and recorded 21 blocks, as well.Once Norman recovered from surgery, she remained part of the women's basketball program as a player coach, a role that allowed her to keep leading her teammates.

Katie, now married to Keegan Johnson and expecting her first child, is a Speech Pathologist at KatieBug Therapy, Ltd. Located in Naperville, Illinois, KatieBug Therapy Ltd. provides Speech-Language, Feeding, Physical and Occupational therapy services.

Through speech-language therapy, Norman helps children to develop the skills that they need to functionally communicate within their family, educational and community circles. She uses specific activities and techniques that provide children the opportunity to acquire and develop the necessary skills that support communication and academic success. Norman is certified by the American Speech Hearing and Language Association and is licensed by the State of Illinois.

In addition to being a Speech Pathologist, Norman is also a Feeding Specialist. She said she really enjoys working to meet the needs of different families and collaborating with her colleagues and friends. At the beginning of her SEMO basketball career, Norman adapted to a coaching change. At the end, she persevered through injury. Learning to deal with sudden change is something she continues to carry with her.

Katie says she is very proud to be a SEMO alum, and she stays in contact with her closest friends and other people she met as a student-athlete.

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