A Talk with New Music Professors Joseph Jefferson and Sophia Hahn

Sep 19, 2017

Music, music, and more music is filling the halls at the River Campus this week.

Southeast is fortunate to get world class musicians from all over on its stages and some of them even work here. New professors Joseph Jefferson and Sophia Hahn join Southeast to teach jazz and violin, respectively. You can hear their talents for yourself on Friday, September 22 but we caught up with them to talk about their concert and music in general. 

"Well on this recital I will definitely try to showcase both aspects of my playing both classical and jazz. There's gonna be one piece that's gonna actually have a little bit of audience participation which I think will be great." - Joseph Jefferson

"You know it's really cool seeing Joseph whose coming in from Portland and I just came from Florida, we're literally diagonally across the United States from each other. So, there's some cultural differences but what's neat about music is that we kind of bridge that cultural gap, coming together and playing together." - Sophia Hahn

 If that doesn’t get your fill of music, join us on Sunday for the Chamber Music Sundays at Three series bringing in professional artists in concert. Quintet Attaca, one of Chicago’s most dynamic music ensembles brings the unique sound of the wind quintet. This award-winning group promises a concert that’s both accessible and cutting-edge with works that reflect the Classical and Romantic eras as well as jazz and Latin-influenced pieces.

See? I told you we had your music needs covered. For more on these and what’s to come, visit River Campus.org and I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!