Southeast Campus Construction On Schedule

Oct 16, 2012

Southeast Missouri State University’s campus is still under construction in different areas on campus. And the construction is still on schedule.

The construction includes renovations to Magill Hall and Academic Hall. A new residence hall is also being built, and the Scully building is expected to open a Subway sometime this spring.

According to Southeast’s Kathy Mangels, all of the projects are currently within budget.

“So when you work on some of these older buildings, of course you need to have plenty of contingency as you start taking walls down as you see what piping and electrical you have, you’re going to run into some additional costs,” Mangels said. “You can anticipate that, but we are within budget on all of the projects.”

Renovations are complete on Magill Hall's east side and the new residence hall has finished a portion of the parking lot, which has been available for use this.

Academic Hall workers have waterproofed and reclatted the dome, put on a new roof, and have started putting in interior walls on the second and third floors.

Mangels says there were a few minor glitches while drilling for the new residence hall's foundation because spot tests did not reveal some of the areas’ true characteristics.

“Until you get in there and do the whole site, what you can find is that three feet apart it can be very different. And so we found that on the new residence hall. That’s not unusual. We’ve had that before with other projects,” Mangels said.

A majority of the projects are expected to be completed by this summer.