Sen. Wallingford Says New Workforce Development Bill Would Fix A Widening Skill Gap

Apr 30, 2019

Workforce development programs - like Fast Track - have been a big priority this legislative session for Governor Mike Parson.

A House committee heard a bill Monday for another workforce development initiative called the Missouri One Start Program - which modifies the current Missouri Works Training program for businesses across the state.

Senator Wayne Wallingford is the bill’s sponsor. He says this bill would enhance economic development and add more flexibility to the current Missouri Works Training Program.

“We have a widening skill gap, and we need to train and retain for jobs of today for that skill shortage,” says Wallingford.

Rob Dixon is the Director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

“This puts our workforce development strategy at the forefront of really what’s happening around the country in terms of economic development competition,” says Dixon.

Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana have similar programs.

This bill has already passed through the Senate and a similar bill has passed through the House.