SEMO Votes Helps Students Navigate Voter Registration On Campus

Sep 8, 2020





With the November elections right around the corner, many may have questions about how to register or how to vote. 


Southeast Professor of Digital Art, Emily Denlinger, is the founder of SEMO Votes--a bipartisan non-profit dedicated to helping students register. 


Denlinger says she started the organization to help students better understand the voting process.  

"I started SEMO Votes in 2018, because in 2016 I had students who thought that they were registered to vote in the presidential election and they had registered through Rock the Vote and they found out that they had actually not registered to vote." 


As colleges across the country are closing early due to COVID-19, Denlinger says absentee ballots are often the best option student who are currently outside their home districts. 


"Especially now during Covid, if you live in the dorms I would absolutely suggest doing an absentee because if you get sent home between October 7th and the election on November 3rd, you're no longer living in that space, so you can’t vote in Cape anymore."


Voter registration ends on Oct. 7.

  For more information, follow SEMO Votes on Facebook.  

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