Parking Services Hosts Annual Ticket Forgiveness Food Drive to Support Redhawk Food Pantry

Nov 29, 2020

This story was originally published Mon. Nov. 30, 2020.

Student parking tickets were forgiven for donating non-perishable items to parking services to stock the Redhawk Food Pantry. The event was held from Nov. 16-20.

Parking Services waived one parking ticket per account. One $10 dollar ticket was waived for five donated items, and one $20 dollar ticket was waived for 10 donated items.

Parking Services usually hosts the ticket forgiveness food drive in December, but since students are returning home early for Thanksgiving and will not return to campus until after winter break, Alicia Bradt, parking services supervisor, said they had to hold the event a month early.

“Last year was incredibly successful. We donated 1,600 food items and personal care items to the food pantry. However, given this year's unusual circumstances, I would be pleased to give what we can,” Bradt said.

The food pantry is a resource supporting students, faculty and staff by giving them the option to come and get food, clothing and personal hygiene items they might need.

“We have a month's wait time for when students can come back and get items from the pantry because we like to make sure students are using this as supplemental resource and not misusing the pantry so that other students can get serviced,” said Clayton Garrett, student manager at the Redhawk Food Pantry.

Students had the opportunity to use their extra Redbucks and meal plan money to donate to the food drive.

Some of the items that were accepted as donations include hygiene products, canned items, beverages, snacks, frozen food and clothing for the Redhawk Closet.

Parking Services and the Redhawk Food Pantry were accepting donations from residents in the Cape Girardeau community, as well.

The Redhawk Food Pantry is located in the basement of Kent Library inside of Textbook Rental.

For more information about Redhawk Food Pantry, contact (537) 651-2310 or visit their website.

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