MO Lawmakers Continue Push For COVID-19 Policies, Which They Say, Protect Individual Freedoms

Apr 30, 2021

Missouri lawmakers are pushing coronavirus policies which they say protect individual freedoms.


 The bill includes protecting businesses from legal coronavirus liability and requiring a supermajority vote from a legislative body to approve a public health order. The bill won initial approval in the House and should soon head to the Senate. 

 While these measures made it onto the final bill, an amendment failed that would allow parents more freedom to not vaccinate their children before they attend schools. 

  Rep. Mike Stephens, a Republican from Bolivar and a pharmacist, says allowing parents more freedom to not vaccinate their children sends the wrong message. 

    “I stand in vociferous opposition of this measure because of the clear message that it will send however well-intentioned to not vaccinate our children", stated Rep. Stephens. 

     The failed amendment also included banning government entities from requiring vaccine passports.