Missouri Gets Failing Grade on Women's Health Report Card

Oct 14, 2014

Missouri ranked number 37 and earned a "D" in women's healthcare according to the 2014 Women's Health Report Card. Each state was graded on their health coverage, access to care and health outcomes.

The report was produced by the Alliance for a Just Society, an organization focused on racial and economic justice.

LeeAnn Hall is their executive director. She said Missouri has a long way to go to make sure all women have access to healthcare and good health outcomes.

According to Hall, there are fewer people in the state who have coverage.

“So when you compare how many people have access to health coverage you find a deficit, and Missouri didn’t take steps to fill in that deficit when they passed by expanding the Medicaid program,” Hall said.

Robin Acree, the executive director of Grass Roots Organizing (GRO), agreed with Hall and said Missouri would benefit from expanding Medicaid.

“States who have taken Medicaid dollars seem to be doing better,” she said.

According to Acree, 14 percent of uninsured women could gain coverage under the expansion.

The report also examined women’s health by race and found that minority groups are uninsured at higher rates and have worse health outcomes.

African American women are 33 percent more likely to be uninsured.

“We should be ashamed that there’s not health equity,” Acree said.

She suggests offering more comprehensive health services, improving preventative medicine and increasing access to affordable and quality healthcare to improve Missouri’s numbers.