Martin's Must Reads: 'Is This Anything?'

Apr 6, 2021

“Avoidance is the male domestic instinct. Golf the ultimate avoidance activity....eight and a half hours of idiotic hacking through sand and weeds, while driving drunk in a clown car through a fake park.”

I’m Betty Martin with "Martin’s Must Reads" and that’s one of Jerry Seinfeld’s bits in his book Is This Anything? The book title refers to what comedians ask each other when they’re working on a new piece and aren’t sure if people will respond to it.

The book jacket says this book is a “comprehensive compilation of his comedy.” It’s divided up into five sections, each representing a decade of his career beginning in the 1970’s as a stand-up comedian in Manhattan. He opens each decade with a few pages about his life but most of the four hundred and fifty page book is a transcription of his actual comedy bits. The lines are double spaced which is a great way to hear Jerry’s voice in your head.

If you ever watched his show you’ll remember that it was a whole lot of funny about all the little nothings in life and his book is just that..hilarious takes on the little nothings in life -- public restrooms, pocketbooks, texting, showers, padded ignition keys, the dogs playing poker picture. There’s even an index to his book in case you want to share a particular bit with friends and can’t remember what page it’s on.

Is This Anything? Yes, yes it is, Jerry! If you need a really good laugh or many good laughs, then you must read Is This Anything? by Jerry Seinfeld.