Let's Talk Business: Workforce Competency and the Career Technology Center

May 26, 2019

Workforce competency and availability continues to be an important issue in the Cape/Jackson metro as well as most of the United States.

Many independent research reports tell us at least 50%, and as many as 65% of new jobs over the next five years will require something less than a four year degree. The strongest job growth is projected in the healthcare, construction, and personal care fields. These are generally well-paid, benefit rich employment opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an increasingly effective way to address these needs with our local workforce? Wait a minute. We do! The Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center is a multi-faceted educational institution flexible enough to add in-demand training and learning programs to its already established list of core opportunities. And they do this for both high school students and adults.

The CTC offers several healthcare training programs including Certified Medical Technician, Respiratory Therapy, and Physical Therapist Assistant. And almost 20 technical offerings are available including those related to the auto industry, computer technology, electrical trades, industrial systems, and welding. But that’s not all. The CTC has a testing & assessment center to help both businesses and potential employees be more successful. Also, the CTC partners with the SEMO Regional Industrial Training Consortium to address the education needs of existing business and industry.

I urge business and individuals alike to see what the CTC has to offer and to take advantage of the opportunity.