Let's Talk Business: A Tight Labor Market Calls for Innovative Solutions

Sep 16, 2018

As the competition for workers remains fierce, employers are looking outside traditional labor pools.

In the Cape – Jackson metro area, there are more open positions than available workers. We are urging employers to look at various non-traditional sources for help. A couple of these methods are gaining steam and having positive results in other areas of the state and country.

Missouri has many veterans looking to re-enter the workforce. These workers have a proven work ethic and a variety of valuable skills gained from their military service and training, prior employment, and specialized education. The Missouri Division of Workforce Development is poised to help employers through the Missouri Job Centers. They offer a program called Show-Me-Heroes On-the-Job-Training. The program will reimburse 50% of the wages of workers for up to one thousand forty hours of OJT. Employers can participate if the position is permanent and full time – at least 32 hours a week and you participate in E-Verify. If interested, contact your nearest Missouri Job Center.

Another non-traditional labor pool is ex-offenders. Now, don’t shut me out. Many employers are finding out giving people a second chance can have great benefits. Missouri Department of Corrections offers numerous rehabilitation services and technical training. These include programs in auto mechanics, welding, building trades, certified nurse’s assistant, culinary arts, diesel mechanics, plumbing, and the list goes on. Missouri Department of Probation and Parole will help find a fit for your business.Remember, a tight labor market calls for innovative solutions.