Let's Talk Business: The Importance of a Reliable, Robust Infrastructure

Nov 24, 2019

Infrastructure can be defined as the physical structures necessary for the functioning of an area or a society.

A reliable, robust infrastructure is extremely important for both business and the general public. Unfortunately, much of an area’s infrastructure can be overlooked or taken for granted because parts are not visible. We don’t see the intricate systems of storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water lines, gas lines, and some electrical services. We only notice these things when they don’t work. Regular maintenance and system replacement are costly, but necessary.

The traditional view of infrastructure revolved around our highways and transportation system. Roads and highways are more noticeable and very important to both the general public and to business. Nationally, we need to update our transportation system with an eye on innovation. Locally, we need to continue to maintain and enhance the system we have.

Businesses and entrepreneurs tell us there is an increasingly important part of an area’s infrastructure that is absolutely critical to future development. Yes, I’m talking about broadband and all things related to access to reliable technology. Experts will tell you nothing will have a greater impact on a region’s future success than the availability of reliable, fast, and accessible broadband services. Many aspects of our lives are moving to dependency on broadband connectivity.

When you consider the importance of infrastructure, I hope you will remember the visible and the invisible.